Our Fixed Income Approach

Johnson Asset Management has been delivering clients consistent and attractive long-term investment results using our proprietary Quality Yield approach. Our primary objective is to provide outperformance over the market index with comparable volatility and greater downside risk protection.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is to deliver no surprises. Our bonds should behave like bonds, particularly during times of stress. We believe a Quality Yield approach that emphasizes the spread sectors of the fixed income market provides a consistent compounding of excess income—simultaneously driving bond returns and providing downside risk protection to the portfolio.

Our Discipline

Our investment approach is highly disciplined and combines fundamental analysis with a top-down overlay. We don’t speculate on interest rates. Instead, we combine the best of a macro and micro strategy to build fixed-income portfolios. Focusing exclusively on quality securities, we only utilize investment-grade rated bonds that are dollar denominated—no derivatives, no currency exposure, no junk.