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Chart IQ

Relative Valuation Supports Small and Mid Cap Stocks

Within the domestic equity market, both small and mid cap stocks look attractive relative to large caps when compared on a valuation basis.  Our latest Chart iQ installment illustrates a simple framework we use to make this comparison.

Equity IQ

The Benefits of Profitability for Small and Mid Cap Stocks

Over the past 15+ years, the number of unprofitable companies within the U.S. equity universe has been on the rise, particularly within small and mid cap. In our inaugural EquityiQ, Brian Kute discusses the causes of this increase and compares the return and risk characteristics of these unprofitable companies to their profitable peers.

Chart IQ

Mid Cap: An Equity Market Sweet Spot

With the strong relative performance of large cap stocks in recent years, as well as the academic basis often cited in support of small cap performance, it may surprise some allocators that mid cap stocks have been the best performing domestic equity market cap segment over the past 40+ years.  In this month’s Chart iQ, Landon Peterson observes this strong long-term performance and offers a few reasons why mid cap stocks make up an equity market sweet spot.

Bond IQ

Applause For A Pause: Have We Reached The Fed's Final Act?

The Fed unanimously decided to pause the hiking campaign at their June meeting. This left many investors wondering if we have reached the terminal rate, or if this was just a skip on the way to additional rate hikes. Ultimately, it is our belief that the Fed is nearing the end of the tightening cycle and going forward, the dominant factor in interest rate valuation will be the timing and magnitude of rate cuts.

Chart IQ

Financial Conditions Suggest Caution on Credit

In the midst of this aggressive Federal Reserve rate hike cycle, questions around the effects of tighter financial conditions loom large over the economy.

Bond IQ

Are Credit Spreads Out of Sync with the Economy?

In this month’s “BondiQ”, we explore the relationship between credit spreads and two important economic variables in an effort to assess the implied fair value of credit spreads.

Bond IQ

Interest Rates: Are We There Yet?

2022 has been an extremely challenging year for bond investors, leaving many to wonder how close we may be to a cyclical peak in rates. In this month’s “BondiQ”, we explore clues from the bond market that can help us better understand where we’re at in the interest rate cycle.

Bond IQ

What Message is the Yield Curve Sending Investors?

In this month's "BondiQ" we examine 4 important messages that the yield curve is sending investors.